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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

A Man's Reply to Modern Women: Animated Redux

I made a couple of videos with the animated text-to-movie program Xtranormal using the text in my post: A Man's Reply to Modern Women. I uploaded it on Youtube as a bit of fun and another way of getting the message out there.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

A Feminist has her Say

Men have held back and oppressed women since time immemorial. Women could do anything a man could do if it weren't for men.....only better!!

Unfortunately men are intimidated by a 'strong and independent' woman (who only needs child support payments from three different fathers, female-only scholarship to study the enemy at college, while working as a stripper before marrying a rich feminist man who will defer to her until she is bored of him, where she will divorce him, take him to the cleaners and turn lesbian).

For example, women could be amongst the world champion boxers (having Superiorly pummeled many an unworthy male opponent, with his hands tied behind his back as affirmative action and equality), yet the evil Patriarchy has undermined women's choices to be professional boxers!!

Women will prevail over those evil monsters of men, monsters from social conditioning.....or could it be due to men's innate inferiority.....but gender is a social construct??? Damn, why is feminist theory so contradictory!!?

...oops....I'm not supposed to admit that, am I?

Anyway, its all men's fault for the way the world is, all the senseless violence and poverty is because of males. Women know that if men had let women take over as a Matriarchy, the world would be living in peaceful utopia. We may be living in environmentally friendly grass huts (this is the only thing women would allow men to invent), though everyone would be wrapped up in cotton wool (even though cotton wool would not be invented), safe and sound (except for that other pesky non-Matriarchal tribe that pillaged, plundered and took all the childbearing women).

In short the world would be a far better place, even if women had little time to run the Matriarchy because they spent most of it gathering berries to feed the men who merely threw a few spears at the wildlife...

...and I want a go at throwing spears too!!!

Oh...and any man who dares to oppose my views must have a really big penis, lots of, must have a really small.....oh never mind, its all men's fault for confusing me!!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Making Necessity a Virtue

This is a corollary to: Being Nice is Not a Virtue by Tallyrand.

Many men previous to discovering the dark side of women, were 'nice' from a place of weakness, out of necessity, rather than a place of strength, confidence and self autonomy where being cordial, pleasant and cooperative is a choice.

Necessity is not a virtue.

After these men discover this dark side of women either from their own observations, via MRA, MGTOW or PUA sites or a combination thereof, many become angry with women for rejecting their niceness (weakness). This can be a difficult time for men who have taken the red pill and are in the midst of unplugging themselves from the matrix.

The problem is, while many men move on from their anger and bitterness, many others become consumed and stunted by it and some are actually proud of their so called ability to spurn women, as if it were some kind of action or moralistic stance.

Involuntary celibacy is not a virtue.

This attitude is especially prevalent in MGTOW and is a the major flaw within it's ranks.

I am being critical, though I do empathise with these men. However, I find it irritating and sad to hear angst ridden rantings about achievements in ignoring women as if getting their own back, where in reality, women are indifferent to what they do not care about.

I understand there are some men who are genuinely not interested in women anymore. I am not referring to them. It is those who hide behind their resentment of how women have treated them by putting up a pretense that they are no longer interested in women anymore, where in reality it is women who are not interested in them.

They will not accept that what women are attracted to in men is an inherent part of women's nature and cannot be changed.

The s o l u t i o n

Monday, August 10, 2009

Sluts and Studs

Political correctness cannot mask the biological behaviors of humans.Yet feminism attempts to 'liberate' women's sexuality by playing the equality card and ignoring men's and women's innate differences.

A man must prove himself to acquire sexual partners, when a woman, even a not particularly attractive woman, could have sex many times a night merely by opening her legs. This is why promiscuous men are called studs and promiscuous women are called sluts.

Conversely, a woman must prove herself to a man, for him to commit to a relationship with her and if she has had many sexual partners, he will likely not respect her as she has given sex away so freely. He will have sex with her like the many other men, but will rather commit to a woman who values her sexuality.

I certainly don't advocate men run around having sex with any woman he can, however, as women ultimately are the selector and the restraint between men and women, this is the reason for the stigma of 'easy' women.

Feminists can argue all they like about how 'gender is a social construct', when one just has to look at the behaviours of men and women to realise that this theory is doing much damage to both men and women and the subsequent eroding gender roles in society.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Indifference Towards Women and Society's Expectations

I am so past all this angst about women, my anger has turned into indifference. I get on with women fine. However my understanding of the bias within society towards women has become second nature to me, a given, if you will.

I will not let a women have the power over me that society sanctions. I will have fun with women and interact with them as I so please and I will not let society's disdain of masculinity limit me.

If women want to come along for the ride with me, all well and good. In fact, if one does not pander to women, and put them in their place if they use their privileged position in society to attempt to shame, insult or emasculate, they become more attracted. This is masculine power; this is the Yang to counter balance a woman's Yin. A strong independent man who takes no shyte is what women want. However more importantly it corresponds to life being so much simpler and easier not having to deal with society's expectations and the twaddle that comes with it anymore.

I read the MRA/MGTOW boards and see other men who are going through anger and angst, but I don't feel that way anymore. I guess I have come to the other side and whether or not there will be a paradigm shift in my lifetime, and I hope there will be, I am going my own way happily regardless.

I would like to make a plea to others who are still angry with women to find peace within themselves. This is certainly not kowtowing to mainstream society and all the manginas that allow women to behave as they do, but to not let all who allow the inequities in western society: feminists, government, the mainstream media, etc to get us down.

We can hold our heads up high as men and rather than get angry in reaction to what we see around us, we can nonchalantly make fun of any attempts to shame or emasculate as it is this very reaction that shows we are not part of the flock that allows themselves to be controlled.

Don't wait for society to change, it is up to us to change ourselves for the better and be an example to others by our actions. The more men who do this, the more of a critical mass will ensue resulting in a societal shift over time.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

A Man's Reply to Modern Women

· Men are threatened by a successful woman

Men are all too aware that women judge men on their occupation, assets and are interested in men of equal or higher status than them, not lower. Seems to me that men are being realistic, not intimidated. However these successful women may consider that the higher up the ladder they go, the less men of same or higher status there are. Conversely, men of high status (by women’s standards) have the largest choice of women available. Their only asset he is interested in: feminine beauty.

· Men’s ego is their most fragile instrument

Women’s egos are just as fragile. When men put women up on a pedestal their egos inflate like a hot air balloon. However if men are indifferent and make humorous fun of women, they keep coming back for more.

· Men are so frightened of our rejection that they can't be men

Actually, they are men just protecting themselves; they’re just not taking advantage of being indifferent and making humorous fun of you.

· I can't change a man – without getting him ready for the next woman

You have no right to change a man, as he has none to change you. If a man ALLOWS you to change him, you will not respect him because you can control him. If you cannot change a man, well....maybe you were attracted to his strong sense of individualism in the first place?

Oh, and do you think that the next woman wants your wussie 'changed man' after you have chewed him and spat him out?

· Men want to cohabitate with us but don't want to marry us

Men don’t want to make the ultimate commitment to you. Maybe they are not sure you are marriage material. Maybe there is something you could do to change that. Maybe it is not our problem....but yours.

· When I take the initiative men back off

Could be many reasons why, but is probably just a bit of what men routinely face in the dating game....REJECTION.

· Men won’t listen

Men do listen, they do not listen and respond in the way your girlfriends do. We are not women, we are men. If you get a chance to observe two or more men interacting with each other, you might learn something.

· Men can’t get in touch with their feelings

Men are very in touch with their feelings. In fact men do not have to express their feelings all the time to others to validate them. When observing men interacting, you will notice when a man expresses his “feelings” to another, the respondent will reply with a solution to the problem, that’s what negative feelings are to a man, a problem to be solved.

Women… well I’m a man and I’m not supposed to understand their complexities but here's a guess: feelings are drama and entertainment, like a soap opera, they are analyzed and expounded upon until another dramatic feeling comes along.

Unfortunately if a man expresses his feelings to a woman too much, he will be accused of being a wuss. Damned if ya do, damned if ya don’t, eh.

· 50% of men already in relationships cheat

And what percentages of women cheat? Are there a small group of extremely promiscuous women out there tempting these men or are you women going to take some of the responsibility for this problem?

· After he says "your special” I never see him again

What, was this before or after you’d had sex? Actions speak louder than words. Women have a version of this to let men know they are not interested in going further: “lets just be friends”

· Men have so few friends

In comparison to what, women? Do you want us to be like you or something? You could add us to your girly friends list when we do!

·'Girly' magazines are so big with men

Cleo, Cosmo, romance novels, soap operas etc get your juices going too! Do I have to say it you want us to be like you or something?

· Men can’t ask for help

Where's that dependant wuss boyfriend of yours when you need him to fix the car....

Men like a challenge and will try to do it on their own, before getting help if they need to. Stop trying to negate a positive masculine trait that you occasionally find annoying, when love it, eh.

....he’s asking the sexy, masculine neighbour for help.

· Men spend too much time watching sports even when they say they want more time with their families

What is “time with their families” anyway? What women want to do? What is too much sports? 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 hour, 30 minutes a day, or the big game on Saturday? How about women watch to much soap operas, Dr Phil, Oprah, spend too much time on the phone gossiping etc etc etc. Maybe watching sports with their sons could be 'time with family'? Maybe men work more hours than women and so have less 'time with family' As long as he doesn’t annoy you when you are gossiping to your friends on the phone, you could stop nagging him when he is watching sports.

· Men can’t let a friendship develop and then if sex happens, it happens

Because men know if a woman classifies him as a friend, it’ll never happen!.........and I'm a male explaining female behaviour to a female HAHA!

· When I’m with a man I see his open and vulnerable parts. And then when he gets around other men, he closes them off.

That is because you have accepted him as a masculine man and for your relationship to develop he shows his softer side to you. Unless he is gay, he has no need to show this to other men. What advantage could he possibly get from showing his vulnerable side to other men? From other men is how he shaped his masculinity, of which you were attracted to first place. If he showed his vulnerability to everyone and their dog, he would not be valued as a man, not even by you.

Men do on occasion, show their vulnerable side to select men they trust, but is only to fix a problem and find a solution, otherwise there is no reason to do so. This is something that you are not privy to because it is male territory and frankly, as a woman is not your concern.

· Men are so preoccupied with their jobs even when they’re losing contact with their family

Men are the providers and don’t bother with feminist doctrine about equality. If a man does not have an income or assets, he is not valued by society. They are so preoccupied with their jobs BECAUSE OF THEIR FAMILY!!!!!!!!!!!!

· Men are like little boys underneath

We all have an 'inner child', eh.

· Men have contempt for women on one hand (witness their jokes) and put them on a pedestal on the other hand

Some men put women on a pedestal and others have a healthy humorous indifference about women. Nice guy or seducer, which one gets your juices flowing?

· Men are "just desserts" but I'm willing to give up so much for a little banana split

So what did you have for your main course? Maybe you just prefer shopping to men? Is it your self-respect that you are so willing to give up? You must make very silly CHOICES when it comes to men. However if you do not want to take responsibility for your choice in men, repeat ten times: MEN ARE ALL BASTARDS!

· Men rape

Yes and we are all capable of it, though few take advantage of it. However women can and do, with no evidence, accuse men of rape, their careers, reputation gone and their personal life in tatters, even before the false allegation gets to court.

· Men are just interested in conquest – that's the real excitement for men

Is this not how we came to live in the standard we now live in? Men like a challenge and men built buildings, infrastructure, government, sciences, inventions etc etc etc. Is this a criticism or are you giving us a compliment!

· Men always feel they have to promise love even when they’re not in love

Do you require they say they love you before you will sleep with them?

All men want to fuck; some men will say they love you in the hope of getting a fuck, even when they don’t.

Honest men will let you know they want to fuck.

· Women earn only 59% of what a men earns even when their contribution is "indispensable"

WTF, more feminist doctrine. When women have children, they either don’t work or work less than men in paid employment. Women also CHOOSE to work in occupations that don’t pay as well. This is why women earn less than men, because men are supporting them.

Think about this, a man and a woman in a job interview with the same experience and qualifications as each other, the man will cost the employer 41 percent more to employ....NO EMPLOYER WOULD EVER HIRE A MAN!

· Men have power and they don't want to give it up

More feminist propaganda. A small minority of men has the power; most men have no option but to shovel the shit to feed their families.

· Men can't admit it when they’re wrong

And some women have this stubborn habit too.

· I’m an attractive woman. I have lots of options. Yet so many men I end up with are insensitive

So, the more attractive a woman is, the more she requires sensitivity in men? I thought they left the wussies for the ugly girls with no options...

· My father criticized me too often

My mother criticized me too often. I think she saw things in a different way because she was female and I was male....maybe you could have a think about that.

· Men are so paranoid about homosexuality

Are you attracted to homosexual (and I’m not referring to your fantasy of being so damned sexy that you manage to seduce a gay man straight) effeminate men?

· I’d like to be able to get lovey-dovey without it necessarily leading to intercourse, but that's too much to ask from a man

I’d like to have intercourse with a woman without it leading to getting lovey-dovey, but that’s too much to ask from a woman.

· When I meet a man I often think he’s wonderful—I tell all my women friends and I’m elated; then he disappoints me once, then twice. Before I know it I think he’s a jerk. Yet I’m still tempted to stay with him.

Well, if he had disappointed you by not disappointing you, he would have been such a “nice guy” that you would have just wanted to “be friends”.

· Male leaders get into too many wars (it would be different if a women led)

"In response to the invasion, the British government under Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher declares a war zone for 200 miles (320 km) around the Falklands, assembles a naval task force with which to retake the islands, and launches long range air attacks from the mid-Atlantic Ascension island on the airfield in Port Stanley to disrupt the flow of supplies to the Argentine forces. From start to finish, this strange undeclared war lasted 72 days, claimed about 1000 casualties, and had a cost of at least 2 billion dollars. From a political point of view, it secured the reelection of Margaret Thatcher". source:

· Men who aren’t macho are often.. well....Wimps

If we are aloof and indifferent, you complain we aren’t open enough. If we get all open and touchy feely, you complain we are acting like wimps.

As women try to compete with men, men should poke fun at them. when women realise they can never compete, men will throw women a bit of sensitivity....when they’ve earned it. As for wussies or wimps, they just need to unlearn all the feminist propaganda that has deeply infiltrated western society.

· Men are afraid of commitment

Men are less likely to commit if women continue to give away what men want willy-nilly (we thought you preferred wild anonymous sex too!). If they do commit they are afraid that the woman will separate, taking the kids, assets, and a percentage of his income until the kids are what are the advantages of commitment for a man then?

· If I could wish anything from my relationship with a man, it would be to have more honesty

What, you want him to be more honest than you are with him?

· There are no men who are sensitive and strong—who are not already taken up

I think maybe you have climbed far too high up the corporate ladder. There are many men who are far stronger than their bank balances but you are not interested in them, eh?

· Men and women are so against each other

Its good you’re taking some responsibility.

· Men can't see the forest for their ego’s

Women can’t see the forest for their sense of entitlement. Women have a sense of entitlement because they think they are a special gender. Women think they are a special gender because their egos have become much too inflated.

Bad Boys, Nice Guys and Real Men™

For years, I tried to hammer a square peg into a round hole by falling for the feminist brainwashing that "you need to get in touch with your emotions" etc. Has it ever occurred to women that a man is indifferent because he actually feels indifferent? Maybe he has no need or desire to talk about emotions and the reason why nice guys do is because they base all their self worth on how women perceive them.

Unfortunately the missing piece of the puzzle is that nice guys only take into account what women actually state, not their actions. Now the other problem is swinging over to the other end of the spectrum and replacing the lost piece of the puzzle with trying to ACT tough, aloof and indifferent. This will not work in the long term and will only continue the negativity because the root of the problem has not been dealt with. Acting like a bad boy is still supplicating to women in a different but equally disempowering sense as is trying to be a nice guy.

The solution is simple, we men must pull back the power we give to women and focus on ourselves, for ourselves, not women. We need to find out how we really "feel" when we no longer value ourselves based on how successful we are in attracting women.

THIS IS THE TOUGH BIT We must let go of everything we have built our identity on regarding attracting women and find out once and for all who we really are, how we really want to live our lives, based on our own values. Could it be that when we really give up disempowering ourselves that we no longer have "feelings" of depression, anxiety, low self worth etc?

Could this be the end of seeking a substitute for the masculinity that was always within us?

Could this be the path to becoming a strong confident and well-adjusted man?

Here's the dichotomy, will a man do what's best for himself, taking the risk that women may overtly show disapproval or will he continue to sell himself out by supplicating to women? Men who try to be a nice guy or a bad boy or whatever may just be reacting to their insecurity. There are many negative consequences to these actions: supplicating to women by spending vast amounts of time, money and self respect to win a few crumbs of affection is prostituting ourselves as much as risking a criminal record, our neck, and self respect, trying to impress women. The energy could be put into doing the things we want in our lives and could it possibly be, that maybe, just maybe, women, deep down, want to love and respect a man in his own right, with a strong sense of who he is, what his moral code is, what his boundaries are, and could it be that this is the very essence of what a woman ultimately wants when she says she wants a "real man".

However, it is men who must define what a "real man" is, not women and this is the very reason why he exists and why she responds to him.